Luther Alexander

Luther Alexander is a Winnipeg-based filmmaker who’s captured the knack for creating original content on micro budget productions. Upon entering the Winnipeg Film Group in 2005, he has shot, edited and crewed in various media formats for broadcast, web, festival and theatrical releases. He is a cinematographer working on documentary, music video, experimental and short-film narratives over the past five years. Luther is currently working on three active projects: NSI Aboriginal Documentary films Indian in the Child, as producer and Nosisim, as cinematographer, and a feature-length screenplay
in its 2nd draft tentatively-titled The Mission Killings based on a true story in a Metis settlement during the late 1920s. Luther is an NSI New Voices alumnus, NYFA Filmmaking grad and a Management alumnus from The University of Winnipeg. He is currently on the Board of Directors at the Winnipeg Film Group and works as a public servant by day. Luther has recently become a new father and husband in 2015 and aspires to direct feature films someday.